Difference between cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe ? PopupSyncId4 cfp.exe !


because my Comodo Firewall (CIS) crashes on my Windows 7 startup ramdomly with the popup : “PopupSyncId4 cfp.exe Application error memory can’t be read”; so i would be sure that my computer protection is engaged without a manually intervention to start the GUI cfp.exe ?can you explain to me this problem ?

i love this programm but since i installed the 64bits seven windows i have often this problem when i start my computer !! :-\

i instal and reinstal (clean) several times but no success ; :-[

my CIS product: 3.14.130099.587
VIRUS signature 4124
Family premium 64 bits seven + core i5 +4 Go memory

i’ve also this report when the bug arrive ; C:\Windows\system32\guard64.dll

  • 11 0 3 0 0 0x4000000000000000 17100 System lolo-PC
  • 1 C:\Windows\system32\guard64.dll

Cfp.exe is only the client program; it is the GUI as we know it and it instructs cmdagent helper service that does all the work in cooperation with the inspect.sys packer filter driver.

When cfp.exe crashes cmdagent will still do the job. You could consider to set CIS to not make any rules when the client is closed. Go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + Settings and tick “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed”. It is disabled by default so CIS can make rules during boot time.

Thank you for your answer, but i saw in many post that many people speak about this bug, do you think you’ll have a solution for this bug which is apparently specific to windows 7 64 bits ?
Does Comodo work to resolve this bug ?

The bug has been around for at least several months now.

I have no information about the priority of the bug; that knowledge is not public. The devs do read the bug boards; so they are definitely aware of the problem.

Just for the record, the PopupSyncId4: cfp.exe error is not confined to windows 7 or bit 64.

It appeared when I opened my Vista 32 system this morning.