Difference between CFP and CIS

I am wondering what the difference is between CFP and CIS.

I have CFP ver and have been getting popups advising that an update is available.
The update is for CIS ver 3.9.95478.50950.509

Has there been a name change for the program I’m using, or is this just a way to get users to get another program?

I see that both are free and CIS has a anti virus program component.
I already have an anti virus program that I prefer. If CIS is installed, can the anti virus part be disabled or not installed?

hi xseedman (:WAV)
CIS = Comodo Internet Suite which contains firewall, HIPS (defense+), and AV.

yes, you can use whatever AV you like. you’ll be given option to tick/untick the AV component upon installation :slight_smile:

CIS AV is not a bad AV though. you might wanna try it :-TU

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’ll give it a try.
Can you install CIs over CFP, or does it have to be ununstalled first.

Hi xseedman,

It would be best to uninstall old CFP. Then do fresh install of CIS.

Lot’s of changes between the two, under the hood.



Those were things that I didn’t understand or see on the web site or help files.