Did something happen to the pool last night?

Report back:-

  1. “Let me check with the support managers (about) what happened earlier and get back to you”
    – essentially it comes down to wrong people, wrong place, wrong time. Shifts and rotas are being readjusted to mitigate against this. Lou, this goes to your support conversation too, there were techs already working on the problem, the guy you spoke to just wasn’t aware of it. Communication snafu. Fixed.

  2. ElementalWindX, haven’t heard back from you

  3. Ossie44 - let me check up on our PoPs. Will respond a.s.a.p.
    – it was not a PoP issue and it took a lot of trial and error to work out what was causing the problem. You’ve been in IT a while, you know that sometimes stuff that is way out there just happens for no apparent reason and it takes a while to find and fix. So the only reply to ‘what is going on’ would continue to be ‘we’re not sure but we’re working on it’.

  4. Louyo - I believe this was answered previously in this thread

  5. answered already - UI changes are under way that allow for a secondary ‘notification’ address

  6. “when I select an item and click force retry, and it doesn’t, please give me some status message” - in progress having deferred other tasks

We are sorry for the irritation and frustration of the last 48-ish hours, We are fixing it.

Yes Ken, I was there - but a little pre-occupied as I am sure you can understand…

Kind regards,

Thanks for the update. We were fortunate that the outages were pretty much off-hours here. I share the frustration with the communication (or lack thereof) as we have to tell our principals what the status is and that made things difficult. I am glad to hear that you will fix that.
Murphy always strikes at times like these, I had just altered the client’s Exchange certificate and, after 2 test messages, the service bit the dust. At first, I figured that I had botched the cert install :P.
By the time I realized that the problem was probably on this end, I saw an entry here and verified the queue was fritzed. Although it is probably painful for you to read when there are problems, this forum helps users to know where the problem lies. I guess venting is good for lowering blood pressure as well. As others have pointed out, if we know the outage is going to be long, we can process an MX change, although that is kind of drastic.
Oh yeah, the cert was OK. 8)

Hey Louyo,

I get the ranting and venting thing, remember I spent 15 years as an MSP so know exactly what it feels like to have customers shouting at you for something a vendor did.

Sorry for the bad timing too.

Rant away…:slight_smile: