Did something happen to the pool last night?

For a period of like 6 hours I was unable to get email thru you guys. I removed your mx records and replaced them going straight to my mail server and I started getting email perfectly fine again.

Some kind of downtime maybe?


We have had no planned maintenance nor downtime according to our monitors, could you let us know which domain was affected? Feel free to PM the domaininame to me.


We’re experiencing the same problem here in Australia today, all our emails have been stuck in the Delivery Queue for with a status of “Connection timed out” for over 7 hours now. Same problem is occurring to other people I know using Comodo. Logged a support ticket 2.5 hours ago but still has not been fixed.

We’ve now just changed all our MX records (30 of them) to not use Comodo until the issue is fixed. This is an unacceptable situation…

8 hours later and backlogged emails are now slowly starting to slowly flow through again from the Comodo ASG. What happened??? Why did it take so long to fix???

The delay in resolving this issue and the lack of communication leaves me with zero confidence in this service. If it was a free then we shouldn’t complain, but we have purchased subscriptions so this isn’t acceptable.

For now our MX records will not be pointing back to Comodo until they can demonstrate they have 24x7 support and know how to communicated with their customers. This has done harm to our reputation with our staff and clients :frowning:

Saw similar all afternoon yesterday/lastnight. Started flowing again at 0200 Eastern Daylight time, USA. I am seeing several messages in the queue, from 15 hours to several days old. No reason shown for delay and trying to force delivery didn’t work. Most is spam but I am wondering why it didn’t clear out after 6 days or more. Anyone else seeing the same?
We need an automated way that ASG can email an alternate address when there are problems. Please don’t tell me I have a DNS problem when ASG has the problem, our DNS hasn’t changed in months.
BTW: when I select an item and click force retry, and it doesn’t, please give me some status message. There is still no reason shown.
Methinks there is a gremlin in there. :-[

Hi guys,

  1. Let me check with the support managers what happened earlier and get back to you
  2. @ElementalWindX - still curious about this, had you only recently changed your DNS?
  3. @Ossie44 - let me check up on our PoPs. Will respond a.s.a.p.
  4. Louyo - if you go to the delivery queue and select one or two of the ‘several days old’ messages then click the Show headers button, does the headers dialog contain any content?
  5. “We need an automated way that ASG can email an alternate address when there are problems” - coming soon, you mind-reading again?
  6. “when I select an item and click force retry, and it doesn’t, please give me some status message” - same again

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Headers are blank.


Which means that the email has been passed on and you are seeing log entry artifacts (we know about this and are fixing it)

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Quote → 3) [at]Ossie44 - let me check up on our PoPs. Will respond a.s.a.p.

Well it’s now over 24 hours since this problem occurred and still no explanation has been received from Comodo. To have a paid service like this go “offline” and not deliver emails to customers for over 10 hours, without any explanation of what went wrong or what is being done to prevent it happening again, is of significant concern to us and our customers. We have suspended any further roll-out of this service to until such explanations are provided.

For those that are curious this wasn’t a problem on our email servers, DNS, etc. We know of 4 other companies independent of us using different servers, networks, ISP’s and in different physical locations, and all were impacted in the same way yesterday for over 10 hours. Other posts in this thread also suggest it wasn’t just a problem that occurred in Australia either.

To rub salt into the wound we’re seeing the same problem occurring again this morning, some emails have been stuck in the Comodo delivery queue for 45 minutes with the same error as yesterday: “Connection timed out”

I have the exact same issue as Ossie44. This is unbelievable for a paid service to have no support and no response to tickets.


As of about 1900 Tuesday, Eastern Daylight time in USA, we have been down. Almost 2 hours.


Currently no delivery from my queue’s on multiple domains.
Approx downtime has been 2h 45m.

Current time 6:22PM PST (-0700GMT)

Any Staff able to provide ETA, MX will bypass, but doesn’t help much with the current stuff stuck in queue.

Michel, you there?

I just phoned support (International: +1 703 637 9361)

They do not have direct access to look at the Server.

The problem has been reported by several users and “already escalated”. – HOWEVER, read below.

The man on the phone said it would likely take 12-15 hours to have someone look at it.

He said there was a Tier 2 tech coming in approx 6 hours from now.

I asked to speak to anyone that could escalate this and resolve it sooner, or bring in a tier 2/3 tech sooner, and his answer was “Sorry, there is no one that can assist you with that”.

So basically it was a waste of a phone call. It sounds like everyone has gone home for the night, wait until morning (approx 12 hrs from now).

Even changing my MX records, while it would redirect new mail, wouldn’t help unbung my delivery queue which has several hundred messages stuck.

This is absolutely unacceptable on so many levels. We pay a fairly premium price to have a good service for our production e-mail servers, and you literally have no on-call techs available when you have a major outage, that is affecting numerous clients?

I had also e-mailed – their reply:

Hello Ken,

Currently there is a problem on our side which is preventing filtered messages to be forwarded to their destination. We are aware of this issue and we are working on the problem
We apologize for the inconvenience and we are doing our best to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Thanks Ken, you’re absolutely right this is unacceptable. Such a pity too as up to now they had provided a good service but clearly behind the scenes this solution is not robust and they don’t have a professional approach to providing 24X7 support to paid clients.

Anyone thinking about using Comodo ASG should consider other options in my opinion. It’s unlikely we will continue using Comodo now as I’d never be able to convince my business clients it is worth the risk.

Completely agree this kind of service is worse than a free one. I have had better response and turn around times from services that cost me nothing!!!

Update: Currently delivery queue is malfunctioning for 5h30m.
Current time: 9:15PM PST (GMT -0700)

No further follow-up from Support, via phone or e-mail.

Two 10 hour outages in two days. Goodbye Comodo, we’re looking for an alternative supplier who takes their service delivery and support seriously. I wouldn’t recommend your ASG service to my worst enemy after the problems you have caused to ourselves and our customers in the past 48 hours.

5am next day (gmt -0700), outage now 15-16hrs.

No email or anything from ASG support to wake up to, nor problem resolved.


We are sorry guys.

We have found what was causing these sporadic outages and have put a workaround in place. The devs, maintainers and sys engineers have dropped all other tasks and are working solely on creating a permanent fix for this issue with the goal of getting the job done by the end of today, Wednesday 03 Sept.

You know where to reach me if you are looking for a ■■■■ to kick.


I am now confirming that delivery queues are empty and the mail is in the process of delivering to my email servers.
5:30AM PST (GMT -0700).