Did Comodo Backup Change the permissions on my Backup Drive ??

OK, I have always liked Comodo. Like all of the products, but this is getting old.
Here’s my question: Did Comodo Backup Change the permissions on my Backup Drive ??

Here’s why I’m asking.
When I used to use Windows Backup and Restore to manage my Backups, occasionally the drive (1TB) would become full, and I would start getting annoying messages about how the drive is close to full and do I want to manage it now. Since there was nothing I found I was able to do to “manage” or better yet, correct the problem, I would delete the entire backup; but, since that wasn’t enough to give me back my entire drive (most likely due to hidden files like system volume, recycle bin and all the sub-folders associated with that, along with whatever files the NSA has managed to get onto my machine), I also liked to format the drive, which seemed to effectively erase the entire drive.
At some point I thought to use Comodo Backup. While it seems to be a bit more “powerful” than Windows Backup, for my purposes, it seemed about the same. Until I started seeing another set of messages relating to my scheduled backup attempts Please see: “Backup did not complete successfully” also in this forum, posted yesterday.
I gave up on Comodo Backup since I saw no benefit over Windows Backup and uninstalled it. Well, after some time, I once again got the old and familiar message about the backup drive getting full. OK, first delete all the files on that drive, then… Nope, I guess not. Now it is telling me when trying to format “Backup (E:)” it says “You do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation”. When I go to the “properties” window for the drive there appears to be nothing showing I have no rights for the drive. I generally use empirical thinking to figure out problems, but I realized computer engineers for the most part don’t think like I do. If someone could please edify me on how to gain “sufficient rights” (what happened to permissions, is “sufficient rights” some kind of secret computer code for engineers??) so that I can format my drive?
Thank-you for your valuable time.