Did a reinstall of CIS and my shared space icon and folder is some what gone.

I can still save stuff there. I just can’t find it on the desktop or when I go to my computer . How do I get it back?

Hi cheater87,
Navigate to C:\ProgramData
There you will see the Shared Space folder, right click and send it to Desktop (create Shortcut).
Now you have a shortcut for it on your desktop. :slight_smile:
If you are using Win 7/Vista you can added it to your “favorite places” - that folder “menu” on the left side of the Explorer browser. If you want to do so go to your “Links” folder (C:\Users<your username>\Links) and add a shortcut to that folder.

OK got it thanks. :slight_smile: Wonder why the original one made by Comodo disappeared?

Tried one more time, came back for a few second and disappeared again. Is this since I have the shortcut to it also on the desktop?