Dialup Router

Can any one tell me if any one makes a Router for dialup I know you can get broardband of course Im looking for more securtity with dialup.
at this moment in time I dont wont to use the broardband ntl if I can help it.so can any one help.thanks.jyss

I am not sure about routers supporting dialup connections but you can easiy setup a computer having dial up internet connection as an internet sharing host thus acting like a simple router.
And after you install CPF on it, you will remain quite safe.


Thank you egemen very intresting as you can tell Im a new to all this can you explain how to do this will this give my computer added security this way Im running comodo and very happy with it I just wont to back it up with a littal more.thanks for helping me egemen.jyss

First of all you need to properly setup you internet connection sharing host. Before installing CPF, make sure all your network connections including the internet sharing works properly.

Then instal CPF to the your internet sharing server. Restart and let it show you some popups if any. The you MUST add your local area network as your trusted zone.

To do so :

Go to : Security->Tasks->Wizards section and select Add a trusted zone wizard. The wizard will be opened and show you the available zones. Select your local area network and complete the wizard.

You are done. Your host will be one of the most secure routers you can set up. You can even disable application monitor if you will not use the gateway PC directly.

Good luck,

Thanks Egemen your a star (R)

Egemen, I followed your instructions, but ICS no longer works after I install CPF and add my LAN to the trusted zone. The only way I can get ICS to work again is to uninstall CPF. What am I missing? Thanks.

Can you please attach a screenshot of your Network Monitor rules?


The short answer to your question is Yes.

The long answer is that some higher class (business level devises) have dual internet connections on their routers, one for highspeed, and the other for dialup. The reason is redundancy, as long as only one service goes down, the user always has a connection to the web. Typically dialup would be setup as the “backup”, but doesn’t mean you would need to do that.

The only issue I can see is the afforability of these products… litterally they are hundreds of dollars. Typical manufacturers would be Netopia and Sonicwall.

But take my words with a grain of salt. Not every vendor is Tier one or two. And alot of manufacturers are starting to reallize that SOHO and personal hardware is a big market… so hopefully they become more afforable soon, or they make hardware specific to our market within our price range.

Thanks egemen,
That’s great, and so simple. Thankyou. I have had much more truble with other firewalls but I have maneged to set up comodo to work perfectly within 24 hours, from discovery to dependency.