Dial up problems

Using dial up modem, XP Home, AOL anti virus, Spyware Doctor, and Comodo

Since I’ve installed the Comodo firewall I can only connect to the internet one time per Windows session. If I disconnect the modem, I’ll have to reboot in order to connect again. Uninstalling Comodo makes the problem go away but exiting Comodo or telling it to “allow all” doesn’t help at all.

With the previous version of Comodo, the second dial up attempt wouldn’t get past verifying username and password with my ISP. After running the updater to version, I get past the login to my ISP but none of my apps can access anything on the internet. I don’t even see the modem lights flash, the apps just say the servers couldn’t be found or pages not found, etc. It’s as if it’s not looking past my local machine.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi, can you snapshot your settings and logs and post them here? Thanks.


I’ll need to disconnect and try to reconnect in order to capture the log with a timestamp that I know for sure the internet connection isn’t working. At the moment, I’m downloading an important file for work so I’ll have to do that later. Sorry but this download is only coming in at 1.14 KB/Sec and I really don’t want to have to start over.

I can tell you that all settings are still at the defaults and the only things I can see in the logs are from the network monitor. All inbound policy violations except for a couple of outbound IGMP.


I’m suffering from the same problem. Since I installed CPF, I can only connect once per session to the Internet. If I try a second time, the connection stopps, while validating the password. The only solution so far, is to restart Windows.
Can you tell more exactly, which Settings and Log you need?

Dr Jackyll

It would appear we share something in common, as I too, have been suffering the same problems since the installation of Comodo.

From what I can tell so far, the problem seems to be associated with Hibernate and Comodo. If I try to connect to the net after resuming from hibernate, I cannot. when I try to connect, I get the error ‘All Devices Connected’ Also when restarting I sometimes see the ‘stopping service’ dialog (the dial-up connection) before the system restarts.

It looks like Comodo is holding of to the connection during hibernate and is not releasing it until the system is restarted.

I’m going to bump this as its definately a Comodo/hibernate problem.

If I find the article, there was this issue with other firewalls and hibernate as well. However this doesn’t solve your issue anyway so I won’t go there. I myself have never and will never use hibernate as it is meant for longer term absences from the pc and isn’t suggested for constant use as it takes longer to come out of and as mentioned for longer times being away from pc. Standby may be a better way to go if only away for a short term as it comes back faster and does the same thing except for writing a file set to the hard drive. If i’m going to be away from my pc for that long, I simply shut it off anyway and from a technical view, would only use hibernate if away for a while and remote access is needed. There are many arguments on this but hibernate was never meant for constant every day use. This may not solve your hibernate issue either obviously but just another option if you want to conserve power. I think standby would be fine.


Hi comicfan2000

I would be interested in your resoning regarding hibrernate vs standby. I use hibernate when I go to work or bed as this shuts down the PC and thus conserves power. Standby, on the otherhand does not.

Regarding other firewalls, it may be true that one or more has a problem of a similar nature, although I have never encountered this problem before in the firewalls I have come in to contact with. Outpost, Sygate and kerio.

Regardless, that is not the point, there is a probelm witn Comodo and hibernate. If I uninstall Comodo the problem goes away, simple as that.

Should one be forced to change the way one uses a computer because a product they may wish to use does not work correctly?

Quite simply put, if there is no absolute, I was trying to give an alternate means until then. I don’t feel I put my statement as such in any way and sorry you took it as such.


I had the same prob with my dial up connection but was able to find the reason to…comodo and Kaspersky do not mix the pro version and AOLs version both make comodoPF flip out on the 2 diff pcs i tried them on together… but after uninstalling kas i was able to connect and reconect normal… i dont know if yall even have that antivirus but im just putting this out there since yall are having the same connection problems as i did…Also everysingle time anything of kas is installed with comodo caused other wierd connection probs to like when i checked the active connections in CPF with kas installed id watch opera and just about everything els that used the connection shell out up to 50 connecions of NDIS protocals…

Quite simply put, if there is no absolute, I was trying to give an alternate means until then. I don't feel I put my statement as such in any way and sorry you took it as such.

Paul, please accept my apologies, I did not intend any offence. I know your were only trying to help and my comments did not reflect that. Indeed, I should have been more careful with my choice of words.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Not a problem :slight_smile: I understand you are upset understandably, and was simply putting it into perspective. :wink: No problems here. :wink:

Take care

@Trevor: Interesting. I’m using a similar constelation: Comodo and Kaspersky 5. I will try, if this is the origin of the Problem. I didn’t thought of this, because these both programs work well together on my computer.
If this “solves” it, I will be in a bad position. Kaspersky is the best AV software in my opinion und CPF is the best Firewall. I don’t want to to have to coose between the both…

@Toggie: I do not use hibernating on my computer. In my case, this could not be the source of the Problem.

→ switching my AV software

I agree with you DrJackyll…Kaspersky is the best antivirus and it is a rather hard choice to make the best AV over the best FW for some people…“i choose the FW”… i am hoping these conflicts are corrected soon…even AOL’s antivirus “witch is just a striped version KAS” has the same problems please comodo correct these issues soon…i again have been able to recreate the problem on a friends computer the other day so now thats 3computers iv tested the two together on and again the same problems…unable to connect a seccond time without a restart…and other odd connection problems…
i love the firewall it is the only firewall i have ever encounterd that can pass my own custom leaktests
oh one last thing iv noticed when i try to terminate CPF i get the message comodo is going to close do you want to allow this…or whatever but any way i was able to create a small macro that is able to disable CPF by using the standerd termination command to bring up the message andthen simulates clicking yes in the message box thus disabling CPF …please fix this soon this is a huge problem…

So, back from testing. I tried Bitdefender 8 and McAfee 8 )not the newest ones, but the ones I’vw got a licence) instead of Kaspersky. Both with the same result: No dial up problems. I can connect several times to the internet without restarting my computer. It strongly looks like a problem between Kaspersky and CPF. :frowning: Added Trevors 3 computers, I’m the fourth one, this problem reveals.
I hope the comodo crew can find out, what the problem is and solve it. It is a pity, that these two programs don’t work together well.
P.S.: Unlike Trevor, this is the only problem I’ve encountered while using Kaspersky and CPF at the same time.

with AVS (AOL) and CPF … same problem ???


Looks like I’m having the same problem except I’m on a cable modem and the problem is when disconnecting from a VPN (PPTP) connection. I’m using KAS 6 and CPF

ry62 and All,

So, I don’t have any of the problems that y’all are experiencing but I thought it prudent to give my setup so that the developers have more to chew on:

XP Home
OnlineArmor AV+ (beta and uses Kaspersky AV Engine)

I have nothing else resident. I do use Hibernate about a quarter of the time. You know, Since using CPF ( like for a month ) I can’t say I have used Hibernate. I’ll double check. I just don’t remember and can’t say I’ve had a problem in the same time frame.

Good Luck with finding a solution!

PS. How much is everyone paying for DialUp? I’m paying $8.95/month. Verizon has just become available around here and it costs about $17.99/month based on a 1 year subscription.

14.99 a month, DSL, 1.3 to 3 meg service.



Wow, I sure wish that was available around here for that. The service (Non DialUp), I was referring to is for max 780KB down!

Do you know the rates for DialUp around you? At your rate; you probably don’t but…