Diagnostics utiliity finds errors, but can't fix them

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled several times, using the Comodo remover tool after uninstalling normally, but the diagnostic will always say it has errors, when i try to repair it can’t do it.

I tried running leaktest to make sure everything was ok and only scored a 60…but maybe thats because I have a router.

Things seem to be fine, but I’d like to know if it’s just a bug or not. Especially with the Cloud Scanner pointing out privacy risks, mostly IE5 history and temp files that keep coming back after I delete them. Don’t even think I ever used IE5.

Are you using any other ‘real-time’ security applications in addition to CIS?

Only Spybot SD. I’ll try running the diagnostic with it disabled. Didn’t work, same thing.

Should I try to reinstall, making sure Spybot is off? It never gave me any warnings during the previous CIS installs, but I’ll give it a shot if there’s a chance it’ll work.

If you have TeaTimer enabled, you definitely do not want that and Defense+ running at the same time.

Ok, thanks. I looked through the diagnostics log to see what was causing the errors and came up with these few lines that failed.

Is there a way I can fix ths manually, or should I reinstall again? Thanks for your help.