Diagnostics reports incompatable program. that I don't have [HELP]

List of incompatible software present in system:
Dynamic Security Agent

I have searched all over for this software and I cannot find it anywhere, ran regsupreme and that didn’t cure the problem either- ideas?

Are you saying that you have never had DSA installed or that you had it at one time and then uninstalled it?

If you did have it installed previously then you might try doing a system restore to a point before you had it installed.


It was installed previously prior to November 18 when I did a system restore.

Do you have a restore point that is before the install of DSA? This would keep you from having to go thru the registry and try to find the key that is causing the problem and it is safer if you are not comfortable messing with the registry.


Unfortunately not. :cry:

It is published by privacyware. See if you can find registry keys referring to privacyware.

Did search for Privacyware and found a registry key which was deleted, however the report still sees Dynamic Security Agent (:SAD).

Have also done a visual on the registry looking in software and found nothing.

So I’m at a loss, just wondering whether to report this as a bug?

Now try a registry search for Dynamic Security Agent and see what that comes up with .


Try a registry search with just the term Dynamic. See if that comes up with something.

I had a simular issue initially. I did a search of the registry for “DSA” “Dynamic” and Agent. Unfortunatley, I can’t remember where it was but I did do a re-boot as well before installing cpf3.

So are you suggesting I uninstall v3 and clear the registry, then reboot and reinstall?