Diagnostics finds problems ... but can't fix them ?? [RESOLVED]

Good afternoon,

First of all I am using a Compaq Presario AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor 3300+, 2411MHz/1.93 GBs RAM, running Windows Xp Home, SP3., with IE8 and have Comodo Firewall Version # 3.11.108364.552 installed.

Up to this point the firewall has reported NO problems. :slight_smile:

However, last night while checking on some things in the program I decided to let the programs Diagnostics check things out. After checking it came back and said there were problems … did I want it to fix them? I said yes, but immediately another message came up and said it could not fix the problems. ???

It then asked if I wanted to save the results and I did … but they are Greek to me.

My question is simply since Comodo says everything is okay on the Summary page is this Diagnostics test anything I should worry about?

I have seen on other posts where it is recommended to uninstall and then reinstall the program. But since I am not experiencing any problems (I think) is this something I will have to do? I hate to think of having to redo all my settings.

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Hello 2harts4ever,

Did you create a report-file for the diagnostics ?
That could point us in the correct direction for what’s wrong…
Can you attach it here, or else send me a PM if you won’t like to upload it here.

Hi Ronny,

Yes, I did. But when I try to send it I get a message that it exceeds the limit for characters.

Plus, how do I PM you?



You can’t past the text in the message box here, you have to attach the file using >Additional Options, Browse and attach the file.

You can send me a PM by clicking on my name and then select, “Send personal Message” on the left collum.

Hi Ronny,

See if this comes through …

[attachment deleted by admin]

It reports that it’s missing the AV database, did you install the AV ?
Based on the presence of Avast I’d say no.


There has been at least one report that a user who did not have AV installed got the AV menu option on the white shield on the systray, maybe diagnostics thinks you have AV installed and therefore reports problems.

Hi Ronny,

No … I didn’t install the anti-virus … just the firewall.

I notice when I right click the ‘white shield’ on the system tray > configuration > Manage My Configurations > that I have a COMODO - Antivirus Security entry listed along with Optimum, Network, Internet and Proactive updated - updated Security . Is that normal?

For the record I use Proactive Security -Updated - updated.

Is it safe for me to assume that since I don’t have the Antivirus installed that I don’t have to worry about this Diagnostic report?

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Yes that’s normal, it would not be normal that you had “Antivirus Security Level” on top of “Firewall Security Level”

For the record I use Proactive Security -Updated - updated.
Yes that's a bit more protective then the default, and it looks like you ran 2 upgrades from 3.10 and 3.9 based on the dual Updated...
Is it safe for me to assume that since I don't have the Antivirus installed that I don't have to worry about this Diagnostic report?
I'd say yes, the report seems to fail on the absence of the bases.cav that is only used for the AV part.
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No problem

Hi Ronny,

I don’t want to ‘beat a dead dog to death’ but I just want to make sure I am understanding you correctly.

When I go and right click on the ‘White Shield’ on my system tray > Configuration > Manage My Configuration > these are the choices I have in the order they are listed:

Optimum Security
Network Security
Internet Security
Proactive Updated - updated Security
Antivirus Security
Firewall Security
Proactive Security

If I understand you correctly you are saying this is a normal display?

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Just keep asking until it’s clear :smiley:

This seems like your even coming from version 3.0.x is that right ?

A clean install would have these in it:

For more defaults have a look here:

So yes if you have been “auto updating” a few version then it could look like that.


Okay … you say a clean install has the ‘four’ items shown in your above response. So, how come under ‘My Configurations’ on my program it lists ‘seven’ items? ???

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Could be u have been upgrading from version 3.0.x → 3.5.x → 3.8.x → 3.9.x → 3.10.x → 3.11 ?
Or maybe you have used “export/import” on (one of) those versions ?

If this is the result of a clean-install then something is seriously wrong.

I have been updating the last two or three versions that were released …

… and, if memory serves me correct (and that isn’t always the case …lol) I did ‘export/import’ on one occasion.

update …
This morning I went ahead and successfully uninstalled Comodo Firewall and then reinstalled it and the Diagnostics problem is gone.

I appreciate all your help.

Thanks and regards,