Diagnostics fail

Reinstalled Comodo Iinternet Security (5.4.189822.1355), configured and then clicked on Diagnostics, which said it found some problems, but after clicking Yes, it said it could not fix some of the problems.

I checked the XML file it generated and there was only one error:

Name="InstallPath" Type="String(CaseInsensitive)" Expected="C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security"/></RegKey><RegKey Status="Failed"

Any advice?

Uninstall CIS again, reboot and use this clean up tool. Does that bring a solution?

Nope, and that was a really bad idea too. Now I have 6 Failed instead of 1 in XML log. Wow, what a wonderful tool that was. :o

Anyway, I attached the XML log file, maybe sb can ■■■■■ this case. :frowning:

I’ll try GeekBuddy, maybe it can solve anything… if not, then I’ll do a CLT test. If CIS will pass 100%, then I’ll just ignore this issue and hope this will not get worse in the future. :-\

Okay, half a day got wasted on this.
GeekBuddy is kinda fail. Operator just tries to solve the issue using random long and frustrating and idiotic solutions, like “Do a full scan!”, “sfc /scannall” and usage of some not that competitive registry cleaner, which crashed every time it reached 66%. “Open 24/7”, but took me 1h to get an available operator.

If that Geek had only actually read the ■■■■ XML file and followed the erroneous registry keys in registry, he could have easily pinpointed the real culprit. Next time, actually pinpoint the ■■■■ cause!

As came out, something had hijacked or destroyed my “…Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows” Access Permissions. Had to use Registry Editor PE on Hiren’s BootCD to recreate access permissions for that key, and, now COMODO is working well again.

Hey, do you still hire Operators for your GeekBuddy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Case closed.