Diagnostics detected an error

Where to send an error report that you created in the diagnostics CIS?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Please try reinstalling by following the advice given in this post and let me know if the diagnostics error continues even after reinstall.


In the generated report, found string error. What could it be? (Sorry for bad English)

I’m really not sure. However, before I would ask that you put this in the required format (here) I first want to make sure a reinstall, by following the methods I provide in that post. Often these sort of issues are able to be solved by following those steps.

Let me know if they are able to solve this issue as well.


Was reinstalling able to solve this?

Okay, as there has been no response I will assume that reinstalling was able to solve this issue. I will therefore move this report to Resolved.

bad1968, if reinstalling was not able to solve this issue please reply to this report. I can then move it back to the main bug reporting board for processing.

Thank you.