Diagnostic utility does nothing

Comodo System Cleaner v 1.0.60093.19 was downloaded and installed from the free tools and scans download page. After installation, updates won’t install…and running the diagnosis utility finds the files ct.exe and cvbc.ece are altered. When I click to repair, comodo System Cleaner appears to be running through a repair setup, but halfway through it crashes, wants to send a report to microsoft, and closes down the application. Upon restarting, the same issue exists and going through those steps, it just repeats itself in the same way.

…is there a fix for this?

CSC on Comodo’s Site is a mess right now, so I suggest you wait for the next stable version, which the beta of it is already here.


I got the same treatment. Neither update nor repair did any good. It was almost as if it couldn’t keep the installation program alive after it had terminated csc.exe or whatever the main program/launcher is called.

Yes there’s a workaround. Chances are you’ve already noticed.

1.] Uninstall System Cleaner

2.] Download 32bit version or Download 64bit version

3.] Install version 1.1.63712.27

When you downloaded the update the setup for 1.1.637etc was also created in your installation directory - I THINK.

I don’t know if you actually have to uninstall previous version. Try not to, and see what happens? =)