diagnostic utility cant fix errors

there seems to be a problem the diagnostic utility says it found problems with my installation but it cant repair them! so i have uninstalled comodo and reinstalled and i still have the same problem.any thoughts on how to fix this ?i am attaching the diagnostic report

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I am having the same issue. https://forums.comodo.com/install_setup_configuration_help/diagnostics_reporting_a_problem-t42365.0.html Hope fully we both get answers soon.

Please check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\ AppInit_DLLs valuse include guard32.dll

and if guard32.dll file is in %windir%\system32 folder

Could it be that winpatrol or some other app is tampering with the repairing process?

Maybe disabling them and running the diagnostic again could provide different results.

i checked the registry and all is good see screen shot,system32 folder shows guard32 is present see screen shot, i disabled all third party software i also disabled antivir guard, and ran diagnostics again and same problem could not fix i am attaching the report. defense+ is not working properly only in paranoid mode do i get any alerts,usually if i try to run a program like portable firefox defense+ would alert me no matter what mode it was in besides disabled. so i am downloading comodo again from you guys and using revo uninstaller & will try to reinstall AGAINl unless you suggest something else. thanks for your time ,comodo is in my opinon the best firewall and i have never had any problems,until now

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The diagnostic mentioned some issue about guard32


though apparently all it s in place.

It looks there is also secuload.dll from http://www.tenebril.com/ in AppInit_DLLs and maybe another dll too but I’ve no clue if they are related.

As I’m an user like yourself I’m not able to provide further help.
Please try lodging a support ticket http://support.comodo.com/

As for firefox since it is safelisted it will be automatically learned in most modes.

thanks for your time, logging support ticket now.

            I have the same issue,since im actually a newb to pc's,I have no clue as to how i can post report of the diagnostic results from comodo.  How do i save it(txt.jpg)?  And how to post,copy paste?...Help would be greatly appreciated,again sorry if I'm totally not aware,eventually WILL pick this up...Thank's.