Diagnostic Report

(I created this article to help developers to fix all errors when installing FireWall)

Hello… I am instaling a Comodo FireWall:

In time of Instalation(when Firewall check my computer file - in Windows Folder) it was interrupted…
Instalation request to retboot the computer…
After reboot FireWall don’t working, than I execute the diagnostic - diagnostic was interrupted too, but it created a file (its attached below)…

[attachment deleted by admin]

Diagnostic shows:

[Incompatible Software]: Yes
List of incompatible software present in system:
Outpost Firewall Pro 6.0.2162.8224

It looks like Outpost is still installed. Did you uninstall Outpost and reboot afterwards before installing CIS.

What other security programs do you have installed? Which of the security programs runs in the background?