Diagnostic report Cdaze

No matter what I do I still end up with this message in diagnostics …
The message basically says that it has found a problem … I try to fix but it can’t fix the prob etc… In the generated report I found where it says that “FAILED Configuration”
I have CIS Premium and have used the Comodo uninstaller … There has never been Avast or AVG on my pc wich runs XP pro

I run Malwarebytes and Superantispyware regurlarly and have no problems from them… I would realllllllllllllly appreciate some help

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XP is very different from newer Windows versions.
There may be issues not not found with Vista/Win7/Win8.
Did you do a clean install? That is pretty much a required function when installing a new version of CIS.

Please try reinstalling it by following the advice I give on this page.

Please let us know if it works.


I actually have tried that at least twice … used uninstaller, cleanup, searched registry, re-starting and so on … I am sure that there was nothing left of anything to do with Comodo. After re-install everything seems to work ok … I’ve had no problems with any viruses or other malware, comodo updates the virus database just fine … It just doesn’t pass the diagnostic … I also have comodo installed on another pc that’s pretty much the same setup and all… XP Pro …and so on … and it passes the diagnostic. I was curious to understand why it says in the diagnostic that it (Failed Configuration) as far as iI can tell … both pc’s are configured just alike as far as comodo goes…
I am totally at my witts end with this … and I really like Comodo. If it had been one of the other antivirus programs … it would have been deep 6’d a long time ago.

Hi Cdaze,
This must be getting understandably frustrating.
With the Unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products, did you use it in Windows Safe Mode?
If no it might be worth one last try of uninstalling/reinstalling.

It is sometimes more effective in Windows Safe Mode, please use the programs uninstaller first.