Diagnostic found errs - can I post report?

Under Misc, I ran Diagnositics. It reported Diagnostic found errs, asked if I wanted to fix, I said yes, it said it couldn’t fix, did I want report, I made a report.

I don’t know how to interpret report. Can I post it here and get guidance?

Yes you can, noone will kick you in the nuts for giving technical info of your problem…
But I won’t be able to assist you…

But hopefully some other guy/girl will!

You won’t imagine how long we’ve been waiting for those words to come true :-\

Re: Diagnostic found errs - report - can anyone give me a clue re what to do?

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I think the only error Diagnostics detected is:


Scan your PC for bases.cav file. There usually should be two copies: one in C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security and the other in C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\Repair. If it’s missing one, copy one to the other.

You may have to exit CIS first before you do that, then restart it.

Thanks for your suggestion. I made sure that each of those sub-dirs has a copy of bases.cav in it.

But the error is still showing, and the report still has bases.cav=no.

Under System Status on the Summary page, it says: “Comodo Application Agent is not running!”. Does that give us a clue?

Now it says “The network firewall is not working properly.” What to do?

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Hallo raymm,

I’m not sure wha happened but I guess it would be better to unistall CIS and reinstall it again. the diagnostic states that CIS drivers are unavailable.

Before uninstalling you can export your configuration to import it back and activate it later.