Diagnostic Check Fails


I have ran a CIS Self Diagnostic check and it keeps failing. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled CIS but it keeps failing.

I have the CIS Diagnostic logs.

Just let me know what to do with them.


Hi Reecen,

Could you please share the diagnostics logs, so that our developers can analyze it.


Running the diagnostics I always get an unrepairable error, even after a reinstallation of CIS
I attach the diagnostics log

Yeah, I’m getting the same thing.

Not just me then.


Seems that the check is failing at the same point it is for me.

I.e. At the cmc.comodo.com stage

Hi ReeceN,

Thanks for sharing the diagnostics logs. Our developers are checking it.

Hi Nis,

Thanks for reporting. Our developers are checking it.

Please use search instead creating a duplicate topic of the same issue, I therefore merged your topic with the existing topic. Also if you check the report you will see it really isn’t an issue to worry about. No one should really have the need to run a diagnostic report unless requested by staff or if you actually notice problems with CIS.

Sorry for the double topic, but I had noticed that from day 4 when ReeceN had posted his report nobody had downloaded it yet, so I had thought that posting under his would not have been noticed.
However, now CIS doesn’t give me any errors, so I think they have solved it.

I was having the same symptom: unfixable error. In the past, a reinstall resolved it, but not this time. After reading this thread, strangely, my error is gone too.

Now resolved.

Assuming the required online services CIS was trying to communicate with now respond correctly.

I.e. For anyone wondering, as far as I can tell it should now be working without the need for an update.

P.s. Thank you to Mathi R and futuretech for the assistance.

Hi ReeceN,

Thank you for intimating.
An error may be caused due to network connections issues and most probably server was not available during that time, so you check the availability of the connection using this command “telnet cmc.comodo.com 443” in cmd. If connections are established, then diagnostic should not return any error.

I really don’t understand why my topic with CF diagnostic reports and data about CF errors event log has been deleted, probably developers don’t need users help or their feedback >:(

Sorry to disturb you

good luck

I do not think the message has been deleted since the forum was restored (database) at a later date due to a problem on the forum
Some message has been lost it seems to me

Ok, suppose that I was so lucky to get all my words and attachements lost during last forum crash, now, I will not attach any diagnostic file because I think are almost all the same, but I think there is something related to Windows because I have a lot of Event Log Entries like this one

“Registry name: Application
Origin: SecurityCenter
Date: 27/09/2019 16:05:03
event ID: 18
Activity category:No one
Level: Error
Keyword: Classic
User: N/D
Computer: Andy-PC
Windows Security Center Service: impossible to load FirewallProduct instances from the datastore.
XML event:




When I boot the computer, as soon as I have the desktop loaded the Security Center systray icon report the firewall as DISABLED (actions required), looking into it seem that windows doesn’t recognize CF and just report the Windows firewall as disabled, after AGES Windows recognize CF and the Security Center systray icon change to green

I think everything is related