DHCP trying to connect to svchost?

Ok I posted a little while ago about this IP trying to connect to svchost.exe.

What I did was install zonealarm just to see if if could tell me what it was. It told me it was a DHCP.

I got rid of ZA went back to comodo and allowed it now.

I know the comodo team said I should block it as svchost was outbound only and it was a private IP and I assumed they were wrong after I read what a DCHP was. I did allow it…

My question is now that I know its a DCHP should I block it or keep allowing it?


You can allow DHCP,because only DhCP service is providing IP to your system, , DHCP service is using svhost.exe of your system only for giving IP address , dHCP will not harm your system