DHCP slow, other network access seems fine

I’ve got a problem that I couldn’t find anything about by searching, and I was hoping someone could help me with it.

Comodo seems to be working very well overall, with one exception: when I try to connect to a wireless network, it takes a very long time to pick up an IP address from DHCP. Windows will usually actually “fail out” and return the “network unavailable” error implying that it timed out looking for DHCP, but usually the DHCP address will come in a few seconds after that, making the wireless connection operative.

This is a nuisance more than a “blocker,” as it just requires a little patience to circumvent, but I’d like some idea as to why it’s happening. This was right after cleanly installing CPF for the first time on the machine. Two things that may affect it: one, I’m running under a user account, not administrator, and two, I’m running Windows on a Macbook Pro (don’t know why that would matter, but I’ve seen it cause odd problems elsewhere due to driver problems).

Any help would be appreciated.

Maybe protocol analysis?

Yeah, I’m having a similar problem with my wireless router. I get new private networks and/or new IP 0.00.0 or 169…

I can get on as usual with the firewall turned off.

Maybe. I’ll disable to test.

Though for obvious reasons, I wouldn’t want to keep that disabled all the time just for faster DHCP…