DHCP Negotiation

I am trying to connect to my VPN and get the following “connection failed” message which states: "It is likely that the firewall software is blocking DHCP negotiation. "


What rules have you created for your VPN?

Opened UDP & TCP Ports.


Did you have a look at this post?

That should restore DHCP traffic again.

I have a Static IP assigned and therefore DHCP is not enabled.


Based on the error message your VPN software gives I suspect it thinks other wise.
Even a static IP can be delivered by the use of DHCP is’t called a ‘Reservation’ but needs the DHCP client active and according Firewall rules in place.

DHCP Client Status: Started. Startup Type: Automatic. Firewall Events logs does not indicate any blocked action for the VPN software.

I am connected to the VPN Server now, maybe the problem has been solved.