Dfense+ - lots of alerts

Hello. Each time when my antivirus updates its engine or STEAM updates a game, Defense+ alerts me with a lot of popus and at last, I choose installer or update rule. If I set firewall to installer mode, is it a risk ? How can I reduce these alerts ? I’m beginner with this firewall and , if it’s possible, some advices will help me to set correctly this firewall. Thanks’.

You cannot leave the firewall in install mode. Read the sticky’s under important topics.



Thanks’ Vettetech . I’m a gamer too . These links was very usefully for me.

LE: 2 files from STEAM , installscript.dll and PnkbStrk are waiting for my review. What can I do with these files ?

Those are pending files. Simply purge and submit then remove.

I can’t purge them. Only remove. Is it safe to remove them directly ?

Yes,this will not remove them from your computer,just the “Pending” list.If you don`t want to deal with pending files you can move Defence+ level up to “Safe” mode where you will get no pending files.