Device Management and Security for Everyone for FREE-Especially for Family Geeks

You can Manage your Iphone, Android, tablets, PCs, Laptops, Servers all from this easy to use Cloud based device management platform. Its FREE!
You can put all your family’s computers, smartphones into this cloud device management platform and you can start sending messages if battery is below 10%, or secure android remotely. If your phone is stolen, you can wipe it remotely! Manage your desktop computers and much much more!!!

The ultimate tool for the Family Geek!!!

Please let us know what you think of that

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I have moved two posts with help requests to Comodo Mobile Device Management.

Please post help requests there.

[...] for Family Geeks
@Melih, it is not clear whether it's meant for personal usage or business one due to 1-year plan subscription. (~attached picture)


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its for both…

let me know what you think about it pls.

I’m not sure if there is any popular solution that can manage phones (at least) remotely with mentioned features (we should also consider personal usage, not business usage). Thus, it should be somewhat unique.
Actually, TeamViewer is one-way Phone->System based on my little experience-- perhaps it’s limited to certain devices (in case of reversed situation).

PS: I did not try it but it looks very interesting. Congratulations.

thank you.
this is not just simply screen sharing… you can see the battery level, create rules based on certain things. You can see all installed apps, remove them, add them etc etc…its a fully functional remote management (not just remote access).

Melih, :o WOW, manage my family PC’s and Laptops for FREE ;D :-TU :-TU :-TU

But hang on, in the original post from Ilker, the PC management is only for a limited time, Android and iOS are unlimited ??? I have not got any Android or iOS devices, even my family phones are Windows :cry:
Can you clarify please?

everything is free, apart from security aspect…