Device control

So I activated device control and blue tooth and hid to see what I can monitor blue tooth wise, well guess what, I’ve managed to lock myself out of computer completely, keyboard, mouse, locked out , gone. Any way to recover this lock-out.
Really need a warning, documentation on this function.

You can try booting into safe mode otherwise no but there is documentation and the settings window has a description of what it does.

Thanks, went, safemode, everything still blocked, no keyboard, no mouse, usb or blue-tooth, this frankly is the the dumbest comodo blunder I’ve seen yet,seems no way to recover, reminds me of early comodo blocking explorer.exe and people having to reinstall windows.
Any way If any one has incite I’m listening.

If everything else is blocked, have you tried an old PS2 Keyboard & Mouse?

Thanks to all for suggestions, just re-imaged to a week or so back, so no more issue, would still like to know how to recover from me shooting myself in the foot.
Comodo needs to put a yes/no confirmation before locking stuff out.