Development of a Virtualization Program

This would be a program that you could start from your desktop the program would clone your system making a virtual copy this would stop viruses and Trojans from infecting your system as you are surfing and using all your program through a cached copy of your system.

To return to normal mode you just have to restart your computer bringing you back to a clean computer state. Something like Returnils or TimeFreeze

or Comodo Time Machine :smiley:

Ah Ha but its now longer in your product Range also I read that anyone that has installed it must not interrupt the the un-install procedure as it it directly alters the Master Boot Record that’s bit scary will you be making the same sort of product that does not affect the MBR or is there no longer going to be a time Machine element in Comodo’s Stable :wink: it would be a shame if there isn’t as it such a good program

We are currently awaiting the beta release of Time Machine 3. I strongly suspect that it will also replace the MBR as that is how programs such as this work.

Unfortunately I am not a software programmer I hope it is as good as all your other software waiting in anticipation