Development comodo

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings
I use comodo and work experiences it at about 7000 sample mined and servers
Bat discovered weaknesses faithful
1 does not have the protection of the browser (and most of the risk today of mined links and print comodo does not reveal Malk, but when you download the file on the device amalgam and Symbol disaster)
Maybe Thtjon browser dragon but this is not enough, because I’ve Bstkhaddama so that more of using comodo puts added traffic light and many others
As you know that the best struggles that offer the highest protection of surf is Kaspersky and dr.web
2 lacks parental protection and Symbol is important to promote the product
3 difficulty of access to the settings
4 is a breakthrough ease of files bat
I hope that Tqomu goodness of the problem
5 Some hacker develop Nlvat the malicious skip sand boxie the was Malk I hope repair Malk private bat files

6 lots of professionals who I know Hgro the comodo to online ormr the
Detailed messages online ormr I hope to solve the problem
7 inability to protect the properties of files (where viruses could comodo withheld but has been hidden files by virus
8 noticed from watching the security companies that most did not achieve the required level, but after that the these companies Batmad the engine bitdfinder you become the lead Fargo adoption Engine
9 hips nice and strong but does not reveal all the movements on the device, such as
10 ÇŃĚć adoption approach online ormr and kaspersky in determining the reputation of the file and when the file was made and place of the state