Development Aktivitäten für CIS 3.5 bald verfügbar

Was ist in Planung, eine kleine Auswahl an Verbesserungen für CIS.

  • Heuristics - This will be added to the Antivirus Component. The Heuristic will be similar to CIMA and on similar lines to Kaspersky and Avira.

  • Threat Cast

  • Extended Whitelist & Blacklist for the Firewall & Defense - This will provide even greater usability! If the AV in CIS detects a malware for example for blacklisting, D+ will not bother alerting for it. Whitelisting, same thing, theoretically you should not get a D+ Alert. Over 1 million whitelisted executables will be added.

  • Brand new AV Signature Format - The signature format will improve for speed & efficiency, Due to so many malware getting sent to Comodo and so many signatures getting released. Memory Consumption will be reduced, Removing malware will be better, and less False Positives.

  • Comodo Memory Firewall, full developed & integrated

  • Comodo BOClean