developers - an idea for making CFP more user-friendly

My only gripe about Comodo Firewall is the frequency of popups. Some might say that you need all those popups to fully protect your PC. But in reality, you just need to make each popup worth more than it is right now.

Developers, please install ESET Smart Security and see what I mean. Their firewall product gives each popup more control. You have the option to modify each rule on the spot. When an application tries to access the internet, you can accept the defaults, or you can customize the rule by allowing full access to the IP or just specific ports.

For instance, if I have the alert settings on “high”, comodo will prompt me to allow each port that is accessed. But sometimes (for instance, the loopback zone) an application will want to access random ports, and I just have to keep clicking through them. With ESS you can modify the rule on the spot to give full access to the IP, if necessary.

That said, ESS has many other issues (you can’t reorder firewall rules!!), but they got it right on the popups!

NOD32 is a great virus scan but Eset Smart Security is a joke. Just go to Comodo is more then a firewall. It is a firewall with HIPS protection so you have 2 kinds of pop ups. D+ pop ups and Firewall pop ups. ALL pop ups will go away once your programs are learned.

Oh, I know Smart Security is worthless. I uninstalled it within a few hours of using it. That’s not my point. The point is that the comodo dev team needs to take a few queues from ESS in regards to usability.

We had an whole topic about redesinging it here. I sujest you take a visit. I do think that they will have it redesinged in CIS.


IIRC something like that was already suggested.

I would be happy even if Comodo add something like this

After CIS is launched, Sandboxing & Threatcast will be built into CFP 3. This will reduce the alerts alot.