Develop a background file/disk integrity checker

This may be too far away from your core business, but I’d sure like to see someone develop it. How about a program that’s continuously checking file and file structure integrity? Like chkdsk does but in the background.

sounds good. it can be integrated in the next CIS maybe.

I don’t know if it is possible… as a lot of times you need to schedule chkdsk at boot time, but it’s a very good idea. I support it :slight_smile:

won’t that cause a lot of HDD usage, which [could] slow a system down?
Users will not appreciate that, especially on slower systems.

Sure that must be a balance (memory usage, etc.).

have it do it while the pc is idle…

Hi Guys,


Unfortunately (my personal opinion) that is not a good idea at all
1) indeed that’s “too far away from your core business” & has nothing to do with security;
2) “Like chkdsk does but in the background…”
… So, you do understand why it’s highly not recommended to run the said utility when other processes are running.
3) The similar should apply to the Utility you are proposing … and that one will be even more influenced by running processes … locked files / etc.

Absolutely correct! And more than that

Without going into the details of what is “file integrity” & how it has to be checked, which I do know…

… Idle or not idle think about:
a) processes (that was mentioned already) that are (let’s put it bluntly) - using files (many) / modifying those at that particular moment/ creating temporary copies / etc. / let’s stop here
b ) speaking about the security involved. Every single file will be checked by “onAccess” of currently engaged AV solution
if all of a sudden some process started - “onExecution” will interfere
and Behavioral Blocker (if any)… and … I can write more

All of the above – can render such check-up being just useless ; error-prone or (similar to running ChkDsk in real-time)

So what would you do? Would you temporarily disable security & other processes, when “PC is idle” & the “file-structure-checker” is working? … sure not.

If you want such Utility – please run Off- line as many similar Tools – disconnect / disable security/ Reboot / don’t run or kill as may processes as possible
run “the checker”

That’s how I see it … and returning to #1 – I don’t see any point having such Tool being developed
and again

God forbid any other integrations! :wink:


P.S. *** added *** what about running MS System File Checker… during MS delivering their patches. That would be fun! :smiley:
“Sometimes” PC goes idle during those updates as well - add to that the proposed Utility - that will be double fun