Determining Which Files to Leave Quarantined

I have CIS and I have ran several scans and it shows my system as being clean. When I run CCE it shows that I have 61 threats detected and quarantines them all. How can I determine which files are actual threats and which ones are false positives. I am new to both programs so, I am not exactly sure what to do. The reason that I ran CCE is because I get frequent disconnects from the internet and also pages load slow. I have contacted my ISP and my connection speed is up to par and running correctly and optomized. I figure there must be some malaware or infection of some type in my PC. I am just not sure which file or files are the problem.

I would advise that before quarantining a program, if you’re not sure they’re dangerous, that you check them using the methods I discuss in my article on How to Tell if a File is Malicious.

Also, to make sure your computer is not infected you should follow the steps I discuss in How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.