Detections over time in VirusTotal.

So someone on youtube approached me about putting my videos into their page. Their page is something they have developed where

We’ve started a project that collects suspicious executables from all over the internet, especially social networks and after we screen them, tosses them to virus total, parses the results when they come in and keeps track of all detections across all antivirus vendors we monitor.
so basically they take unknown files and get a detection ratio from VT. Pretty interesting. What they are looking for is the malicious pie slice to be exactly the same for each vendor, also don’t let SAS fool you, it was just brought into VT that is why the pie is so large, these detections are over time.

EDIT: corrected some things.

I get Error 500 on that Link!

he is actually redoing the whole page as we speak. So hopefully it will be back up soon.

Not to good on detecting Malicious!

How this can be useful if they dont differentiate the false positives?

maybe im just a noob nut i could barley understand what the things on the page meant :-TD

You can just wait and see this thread go to someplace else, becose EricJH (I think that’s his spelling) is moving threads like mad at this Forum site…

Too difficult to compare…
The graphics are small, not side by side…

Anyway is useless, maybe the AV with the highest detection have more FP’s since they dont distinguish the FP’s

That page even confuses me… ???

I think they should store those unknown files or links to those unknown files on their surfers. Also make sure that in order to get the link to that file one should be a member(free maybe?). And there should be some declaration that these are actually unknown files and that these shuld be used only for testing purpose.
This way one will be able to find the FP count by testing on VMWARE.