I found some issues with detection, i mean in automatic and manual scaning detection of trojan and malware.
So, we have an extention for example xxx.exe and xxx.scr. I don’t know which they real extention have. May be exe is packed upx or something else. if anivirus is set on Stateful(Default), when i try to click on xxx.exe (malware inside) comodo alert me a balloon tip should be an open file in the sandbox or not. If i quick
click not in sandbox (on real system) than operation of detection can be missed, and i have at final some bad thing in regyistry key RUN. But comodo will see this malware inside xxx.exe, but after rebooting pc i have already new process of this xxx.exe because comodo does not see xxx.exe! Only when i try to execute this file comodo will see, but in run key this file will start early than comodo can detect execution of this… If i set comodo antivirus in On Access state, everything will be fine except detection of this files xxx.exe and xxx.scr(only inside on execution comodo will find trojan). This problem is not of this files, i think don’t need to be added to database. Problem is in detection technique.

I have uploaded this files:
pass 1

Try it.

Hi, bsd310

Thank you for your submission.
We’ll check them and if found to be malware detection will be added.

Best regards

ok. and i repeat, comodo detect maware only on execution! but if i scan manualy he will miss, because here is a probem with packages detection or some extention or reusable packed malwares. Be please, attend! If you just add this to database, then wil be other xxx.exe that comodo will see only on execution!