Detection vs Threat prevention

Very interesting discussion.

I’ve tried to have a small conversation with those bluepoint guys, but I don’t really like them. They think they have invented something completely new, while others have already had it for long.

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Interesting indeed as the video linked in that topic had the vendor obscured.

But according to a previous video by Matt from remove-malware the OP company’s got a name for trashing competitors :o

Maybe they changed approach. ;D

BTW would education account for and improve prevention as well, wouldn’t it? 88)

Nothing new under the sun it seems to me… yawns… 88)

It’s a new kid on the HIPS block making noise to be heard… :THNK

Building a default deny product for the Consumers is the hardest part.

If you succeed in the consumer segment, then you will succeed at the enterprise.

Because consumer PC is very fluid when it comes to executables, compared to enterprises. Consumers install more and varied executables than enterprises.

Well, the only company out there today who succeeded at the Consumer segment with a default deny technology is Comodo! We now secure over 20M users using this technology!

Show me one other company who has default deny (by default) and has more than 20M users using this technology in the consumers segment!

Comodo is clearly the leader in this segment and will continue to innovate.