Detection rates and data base.

i was wondering where we are with the size of the Data Base at the moment, as i have read it has been increasing at around 4000, per day and if thats the case its Awsome!!. No doubt Comodo will keep at it until we take over from The so called big boys, in time and understand the target is Sep/ October this year ?.

Also i have read a post in the forum regards some recent tests involving Comodos anti virus in comparison to others, and note Comodo performed better than a few others, but generally poorly in comparison to A squared ( King of false positives), G Data, Avira, Avast, ect. However i understand Comodo will soon have Heuristics, likely on tuesday,Hooray!, and expect this to improve detection rates dramatically. Do other Comodo members feel its poor performance was down to lack of Heuristics and a smaller data base than others or is there any other reason?.I am currently using Comodos anti virus out of loyalty, but have been awaiting improvements, and currently use Avira premium on demand (no real time,) until i see the improvements mentioned, in comparitive tests, and see a noticeable increase in Data base size, as two scanners are better than 1, and adopt this as well covering tha angles with Super anti spyware and Malwarebytes on demand for removal of difficult Spy/Adware for a layered approach. i notice Avast performed very well and that does not have heuristics, so feel there are other factors that at present make it a better detector of nasties, but look forward to the day when we banish the other apps into oblivion!!!. :comodo110: (V)

Remember, every other AV started out just like CAVS: small database…less detection than other AVs that have been out on the market for a while, so it’s normal, but CAVS is evolving and improving very fast. COMODO’s CEO, Melih, promised that CIS/CAVS would be #1 within a year (and that’s around September/October).

I don’t know if you’ve seen this either.
The current heuristics coming out hopefully Tuesday, and then the CIMA-like heuristics and BO-Clean memory scanner later on will boost detection significantly.

Plus all the members submitting samples are helping a lot. :slight_smile:
BTW, almost all AVs including Avast use heuristic-based signatures.