Detection of PUAs/PUPs is disabled by default, why?

In v8, by default, CIS will not detect Potentially Unwanted Programs. I personally don’t lke this change, also because the setting to enable this is now hidden under File Rating Settings. Maybe in the future Comodo will put an option during installation to detect these programs. I personally feel that this alone weakens v8’s detecton capabilities.

Hi Netguy101,
Manual scan profiles also has this option, but it is also disabled by default (Not to sure why they are not enabled by default). ???
Scan Profiles-Comodo Help

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I also didn’t like PUP detection disabled by default.

The worst thing is that just enabling the option in File Rating settings to detect PUP’s in not enough. The user has to enable that option in each scan profile. If you enable the option in File Rating settings, it should be applied globally.

Hi Netguy101,
I agree having the option in two locations can potentially cause confusion.
I will try to find out if there is an unforeseen reason for detection to be disabled by default.

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PUP option under file rating is for realtime protection, right?
For above bold, I will wait for your reply. I have enabled PUP currently but didn’t thought they may have disabled it now by default for some reason. I just enabled it coz it was enabled by default in previous versions.

Hi naren,
I would assume that to be correct.
Individual settings for on demand or real time scanning with these two options available.

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Moreover, CIS 8 with default settings can’t detect the EICAR test file because of this.

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It is perhaps worth noting that the default settings are designed to be low-hassle. Maybe PUP detection should be on by default just in proactive (is it?)

I hope that is OK

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This was never a wish! I was simply trying to ask a question as to why the PUP detection was disabled by default in the new CIS 8, and what the users thought about the change. I don’t know why it was moved to the wish section! Apparently the forum mods love to play the moving game and move posts without reading them.

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Odd, mine was enabled by default. What configuration are you guys running in that it’s disabled?

It’s enabled by default in Proactive config. If you were using that in v7 and upgraded without a reinstall, it’s probably enabled for you.

I always run proactive and I always do a clean install during major updates.

They will enable it as default in the next version.

This is a good move. Even if they just provide the option to enable it on the installer, it is good that consumers know about the option and the ability to use this feature.