Detection of firmware virusses

Question how is Comodo Anti-virus dealing with firmware viruses or attempts to modify uefi. I get an strange warning from the HIPS if i want to allow or deny modification of… In the first place it says me nothing when i saw it was an firmware update i block this direct because mine uefi bios does no need an update.

HIPS was only alerting but not Comodo Anti-Virus it self so it is very difficult te recognize if i need to allow or deny so how detects Comodo AV the firmware viruses i was reading an article that told me no NY nti virus vendor can stop this but Comodo have containment so i can rely on that as latest preventing. Tru or Not?

Hi soccer2017,

Can you please provide the file in question?


Hello i can’t provide you with the file because i deny it and gave it no any access to mine system. Comodo does what it must does keep the malware out of the system. Next time i try to catch it, isolate it and hopefully i can send it to comodo for analyses.