Detection of Commercial Keyloggers

Commercial Keyloggers are readily available online, sometimes for free, and go largely undetected by most antivirus scanners. Historically they have been used as they were intended - in corporate networks to keep track of employees. Unfortunately now it seems these commercial keyloggers are being used for other more malicious purposes. This was evidenced by the fact one of my friends facebook and email had been hacked by one such program (I detected it manually with IceSword - no AV product would detect it!). My friend lent her laptop to her brother who we suspect installed the keylogger. Obviously this could have been prevented by using a non administrator account, but the average computer user doesn’t know this.

Would it be possible for Comodo to detect commercial keyloggers, maybe including them in a separate category (like Potentially Unwanted Applications - or maybe even it’s own category of ‘Commercial Keyloggers’)? This way users who do not want keyloggers on their computers can have them detected, while those who want the keyloggers active can keep the option to detect them disabled.

As far as I know Comodo already does. If you find one which Comodo does not please submit it by following the advice in this topic.


I m sorry that I don’t even know how to quarantine the keylogger with comodo.
Is there any detailed instruction?
Thanks in advance. :wink:

If CIS detects a keylogger it will automatically quarantine it.