Detection failed

Comodo mobile security (both beta and stable version) failed to detect eicar test string in a moble security virus test application.

Here is the link of application

Also in anti theft features the map location is not accurate. It should locate on the basis of both network tower location and GPS. Cache and junk file cleaner is not working. It always show zero cache. Kindly solve these issues on next version. Thanks

I changed the all caps title to normal case. Eric

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Anyone experience these issues. Waiting for official reply ?


Please check if you have updated the virus db. From our side, we will check this application once more.


Thanks for your response. I am using up to date virus database version: 22.10.
Please see the attachment.

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Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: Let me try to address your questions.

About test application: Since they are not real threads but just test files, it could be rated as safe or just risky some times. For this specific app, it does not request any permission and does not cause any harm. Probably that is why it is not in virus list for now. Still, we can ask our team to add it to the list manually. But be sure that, real threads will not be missed…

About location: We use hybrid positioning system to locate your phone. Information with the best available precision is shown to user. If we can get the GPS data, it would be very precise in general. Please try it again with your phone with GPS open to see the more precise results.

About Cash cleaner: Yes, we are aware that on some of the devices it does not show any data right now. It will be fixed on store version -CMS 2.4 :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply. Yes this application doesn’t ask any special permission but it contain the eicar test string. If some application which doesn’t ask permission directly but getting the permission indirectly is dangerous. Is Comodo scan based on application permission or the content inside in a apk file ?
Why it can’t find test string ? Hope you can rectify the cache trouble on 2.4 stable version.

When I am locating my phone using CMS I observed that CMS automatically turn on mobile data and wifi but it can’t turn on GPS and Google location service(which is based on network tower). If the thieve is turned off GPS and location service CMS can’t locate the exact location. My opinion is antitheft should automatically turned on
GPS, Google location service, wifi, data service.

Anyway CMS is best mobile security that offer more features which can’t be offered by any paid security.

...turned on GPS...

It can’t. Android limitations.

Thanks again for positive feedbacks! :slight_smile:

We are looking both for content and permissions for every APK. Risk is evaluated as a sum of these results. For this APK, we are going to investigate deeply to be sure.

As Morphiusz stated, we are doing everything we can to get the best location info. We are also going to look the process again if we can improve somehow.

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Thank you guys for support :azn:.

I found a bug on CMS application lock service. It can’t automatically lock application after exiting locked application. It locks only when we trying to open another locked application. For example l had locked file manager and gmail. Then I unlocked the gmail using password and exit. Again trying to open gmail it’s in unlocked condition. If we want lock gmail again we should open another locked application(file manager). Any resolution on this problem?
Also I have suggestion that please implement pattern lock on application lock, which make easier to open.

Jayalrishnan G

Both request noted :slight_smile: