Detection CCleaner v5.51 as Malware@#ieoofy66odrz false positive?

SHA256: 57c00353b459d6c164e32b1de48a7537dca2788c8d3eda29ba50734ffa800b07

Edit. Valkyrie now show PUA:
Human Expert Analysis Result: PUA
Verdict Source: Valkyrie Human Expert Analysis Overall Verdict

This is really odd!

I’ve got that version installed on a seperate system with CIS, having let it (CCleaner) update itself a couple of weeks ago and no problems since. Have run scans on all relevant folders and all are clean

Now if I try to download the same version, CIS goes nuts with warnings and yet there are only a couple of mentions so far on some forums, ciiting the VirusTotal results

the only problem of the program and that it was already more efficient

Hi, EricJH!

The false positive was fixed and Valkyrie verdict updated.

Thank you for reporting this!