Detected Supscious file but unable to Quarantine


I’m new to this forum and was needing help with some suspicious files that CIS will be able to detect but when told to quarantine or remove them it can’t successfully do this. Also my screen has be flickering gray frequently possibly due to these files, but CIS hasn’t found any cause to this either. There are two different Malware names, according to COMODO,

This one has many different locations in my temporary internet folder \GG-####.tmp, or \SearchGoogleUpdate[5].exe to \SearchGoogleUpdate[1].exe and has been detected a number of times, changing its name and location everytime.

Whereas this one has one set location in a software distribution folder. This has been detected 4 times but failed to have been removed.4824d880aa77b1f0dc9ab894e2b1fc1d00f17a3c

I keep my Virus scanner up-to-date, checking for upgrades almost every second day. Do you have any ideas on how i can be helped?


Move here as they might be FP.


Hi Big_Al23,

Thanks for reporting.We will that and get back to you shortly.



Hello Big_Al23,

The False positives you have posted above have been fixed. You can update to AV database 2757 of Comodo Internet Security Version 3.12.111745.560 and confirm it.

Best regards,