Detect whether Windows is up-to-date.

I would like to see Comodo create an application; standalone or built into CIS, that detects whether there are any available updates for the Windows OS.

As I am currently trailing with ESET, they have this feature.
It notifies me before Windows does.

I hope to see this in all security products in the future.

stormer, with all due respect, that’s an application too much.

If, under automatic update, you are not sure if it’s fast enough… just go to updates and check.

I’m always afraid that v.4 will bloat what is now, arguably, the most effective suite around.

I agree with Jose_Lisbon.
That function is already there in windows, leave it at that.

Fair enough.

I am suggesting this as I have seen many computer with Automatic Updates on, but the user hasn’t installed the updates.

Maybe this should go on the wishlist for CSC :wink:


This feature was in Comodo Vulnerability Analyser, but they have dropped the product since August 15. I hope they resume it, was kinda nice little no-fuss application.

we can expect this in V4. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mean you plan to see this application integrated into CIS V4 ? I don’t think so…

[at-bypass] Stormer : do you want me to move this topic to the CSC wishlist ? Or would you like to keep it here ?

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I donn mean that application [ just information about the updates ] this is a part of security [ Windows updates are essential nowadays even if we have strong firewall and antivirus ]

Hi, well, I can follow your thoughts, but AFAIK it’s not planned to be integrated into CIS V4

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It’s our Duty to share our thoughts to people like you [ Comodo ]. So that we can roam free in the internet :wink:

Many People turned off their automatic windows updates and we know that the famous worm downadup affected the pc’s that are not properly patched. It’s just an example every virus and worm [ malware ] affects unsecured systems easily.

Just a small note : I’m a Comodo Volenteer Moderator, this means that I’m just a normal user like you, but with a bit more powers ;). Anyway, I will sujest this option to a developer and see what they think of it.

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Great Work !!

There is no fix for stupidity or improper set up of illegal Windows versions I am afraid. These people will most likely turn the function off in CIS as well.

CIS is FREE ;D So nothing is there in turning on CIS !!! Probably they dont.

I’m not sure, if it’s that’s a good idea, because CSC doesn’t run in the background. So it wouldn’t be able to check automatically. :-\

I think it would be best to stay here, then maybe (just maybe) they could integrate it into another product - in the future.

as i sujested this feature to the developers I will leave it here as it seems the most appropriate.

best regards, and please post every idea you have !