Detect installers and show privilege elevation alerts

If you uncheck “Detect installers and show privilege elevation alerts” because you don’t want CIS to ask you for elevated privileges, it breaks itself completely and keeps on completely ignoring entire TVL list even if apps are digitally signed and listed on TVL.

The bug was in 6.0 & is still there in 6.1

The above is posted by Rejzor in Wilders

Plzz look into this as its a critical bug

Naren, can you please create a bug report for this in this section of the forum? Be sure to follow the format provided in this post.

Thank you.

Rejzor have mentioned that he filed the bug report in correct format like 3 times during 6 beta.

Please file a new bug report in the correct part of the forum. That is the only way this can be forwarded. The bug reporting format is not that complicated.


+1. This issue needs to be fixed.

Hmm this bug should be fixed till now IMO, but hey maybe is hard to fix this behavior. I hope this bug to be fixed asap.

If Rejzor would have put his energy to tweak his bug report some requested as it would have been moved to format verified bugs where it would have gotten Comodo’s attention.

With the same negative attitude as he refused to complete his bug report he was lamenting in the release topic hoping for special treatment…

It seems to work judging by this very topic. I am locking it as I don’t want to reward negative behaviour. I am still expecting egemen to answer wasgij6’s question.