Detect computer's current power plan settings

Now this might be a weird looking title, let me explain it a little.

I’ve got a laptop which uses very low (silent) power settings most of the time, which is ok for most tasks I use it for, but may cut system performance below antivirus requirements. As a result, a scheduled scan may cause other programs to stop responding, but without a pop-up message from windows with a prompt to end the task, just hanging up. This is especially problematic, when it happens to explorer.exe, since eventually it leads to whole system hangup. As it seems to me, this might be happening due to high HDD usage, but I’m not an expert.

It’s not happening everytime, but when it does, it’s quite annoying.

It would be nice if CAV could detect such settings and maybe run scheduled scans with lower priority or postpone it.

The priority of the scans would be a nice thing to adjust. BTW! Speaking of power, and laptops… I just came up with a great idea :smiley:

That comodo only performs system scans (If desired) only when the laptop is connected to a power supply. This should hopefully save some battery life on laptops.