Destruction of an origin “blocking” = NOT-ALLOW-rule from Network Monitor

(:WAV) Hallo dear COMODO-Administrators and COMODO-freaks

Last weekend I’d to add some rules into the Network Monitor. Generally it seems to function all very fine now !! :SMLR But the great problem I now have / or at least only think to have ? is, that – while creating new rules – I did change 1 origin (already in Network Monitor registered) “blocking” = NOT-ALLOW-rule into another one “blocking” = NOT-ALLOW-rule. (:AGY) So the origin function of the origin installed rule is no more the same-one, means no more active. And I fear that this rule plays an important role for secure Internet-surfing ! (:TNG)
The Firewall very fine would be clearer anyway while giving warning-signs before changing any rule by mistake !
Could anyone please be so kind to tell me step by step how to get back the origin “NOT-ALLOW”-rule ???

Thanks in advance very much - yours