Destop Taking Forever to Load??

Ok, I have Windows XP SP2 and 512 MB DDR RAM.

Since I installed Comodo Firewall, my desktop is taking forever to load on boot up. The only other program I have starting up is AVG Free.

They both load, as does the wallpaper. But, my desktop icons and my cursor take forever to load.

Is that normal? Is that just Comodo loading into memory?

Perhaps it is related to the know conflict between AVG & CPF. It even gets a mention in CPFs help.

[b]Skip advanced security checks[/b]

This option is for applications which user allows but still for some reasons they fail to connect. eg. AVG e-mail scanner.

Try changing this option for the AVG programs in CPFs Application Monitor. Also check CPFs log & see if there is anything in there to indicate what it was doing.

Please check if you have disabled “block all outgoing connections while booting”. Sometimes gives problems with the drivers of some network cards and loading tooks forever.

If this does not solve the problem try to delete the “prefetch” folder under the C:\windows folder.
If a file in that folder become corrupted windows loading take a lot of time and sometimes it fails. After you delete it reboot your system and windows will recreate the “prefetch” folder and all the files in it. :wink:

hope it helped,