Destination IPs not being logged

I have CIS 3.8, Vista, AVG, Spysweeper
In the active connections window I can see connections made by svchost and other applications to Destination IP addresses, but these connections and their IP addresses do not appear in my Firewall Events logs. I can specifically see avgnsx.exe in Active connections, but when I search for this application name in the Firewall Event logs it does not even come up. In Network Security Policy I have enabled logging for every Application Rule and for all of the Global Rules. My settings are Custom Policy Mode and Paranoid Mode. Alert Settings are High.

 I have read the firewall configuration guides and looked for this issue in the forums, but I have not seen this issue addressed.  Also, the search engine in comodo seems ineffective.  I have done a few searches on different keywords, but received no search results - while searching for the same keywords in google does return results in the comodo forums.
 Can anyone tell me why these connections and their Destination IPs are not being logged in Firewall Events?

                                                                                                                  Thanks again.