Destination Folder, huh?

Okey Dokey, confused computer newbie…I can get all the way to the end of a test run without problems before it tells me the destination is invalid. I’m trying to backup to CD-R, so what am I supposed to be putting in the “Folder” space on the Dest. page? Folder for what? What folder? What does it need a folder for and where does it need one? (XP Media Ctr Edition) I’m not sure if it’s this folder that is invalid or if it’s having trouble finding the DVD/CD writer? ???

Hi Bruhaha,

         Welcome to COMODO forums (:CLP). Well in the destination tab you have to select BACKUP TO: CD-RW/DVD -RW DRIVE, in the destination folder path you could provide the folder name as you wish or you could also the macros. If you do like this you will not be getting any error or warning message stating the destination INVALID. If you have selected LOCAL DISK,NETWORK DISK and SO ON, and the selected CD using the BROWSE button then you could getting the ERROR message. I hope this could help you a lot. If this is not helping you send your system configuration to the COMODO support team.

Thanks, but I’m using the CD-RW/DVD etc selection, still getting error message. I guess I’ll try the support team.

Hi Bruhaha,
There might be some problem with your CD/DVD, try with some other CD/DVD. I too had the same problem yesterday then i changed my CD, as soon as i did this iam not getting any sort of problem.

You mean try another individual disk of the same kind or a different type of disk?

Try it with the same kind of disk, Still if the problem occurs try it out with some other disk. If the problem is cleared well and good else post your system configuration along with you CD/DVD writer and what sort of disk you used.

We have fixed few issues where CD could not be recognised.
Please try our latest version, mentioned in following link:,1840.0.html
and let us know if you still see any issue with it.