desktop widget problem

Hello, im start using comodo firewall few days ago and i have problem with desktop widget. I show it on desktop and after i finish playing Warcraft III and exit game it moves widget in the middle of the desktop.

So is there any way to freeze widget so it cant move over desktop? (In attachments are widget before and after exiting game)

[attachment deleted by admin]

This usually happens when an application goes fullscreen with a resolution different from the native resolution of the monitor, you can try going to the options of the game and change the resolution to the native resolution of your monitor.

Regarding locking the widget, I don’t think that’s possible, I think it has more to do with Windows than the application.

What windows have to do with application? It is the CIS widget that have no options to lock itself. With that options this and other problems like accidentally moving widget over desktop can be solved.

Have no idea why this options have not been added to program

Does this wish represent the functionality you want in CIS? If so you can vote for it.

Yes thats exactly the functionality i want in CIS! I vote for it!

Because windows controls when and how programs get resources. And remember its Comodo being displayed on windows desktop, not windows being displayed on Comodo Widget.

That being said I would like to see a ‘snap to edge’ ability. Not sure if windows will let that happen since the widget seems to be a fixed window type.